Roadsafety software development

This application is for educating, reminding, and providing warnings at cycle tracks and for education and publicity at schools.

Role: frontend development, detection, dataset, CSS, emotion design
Project date: March 2022

1. Chatbot function:

Emotion display: The robot’s emotions can be displayed using different animations.

Home screen: The home screen of the robot can show the robot’s and image and message.

Audio messages:
The robot can also provide audio messages in response to the user’s messages. The audio messages can be pre-recorded or generated using text-to-speech technology.

2. Video analysis for detection function:

Home screen: The home screen can show a live video feed from the camera mounted on the robot

Detection results: The analysis results can be displayed in real-time, showing any potential dangers or hazards detected on the cycle tracks.

Audio warnings: The robot can provide audio warnings to cyclists and pedestrians in the vicinity of the hazard, using a loudspeaker or other audio output device.

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